Top 7 scuba diving locations in the USA

Nothing beats scuba diving if you ever want to explore the seas or even some lakes. You get to be up close and personal with some of the rich marine life you can find in the waters of North America.

If you love scuba diving or if you want to learn how to do it, then you have got to make it a point to travel to one of these locations. These various places around North America are going to offer some of the best underwater diving spots that you can find in the country. So you have got to try and travel to them at one point in your life.

1. Point Lobos State Marine Conservation, California
This diving spot does not allow more than 30 dives a day, so you will need to reserve a spot at least two months in advance! But the wait is worth it since this is a diving spot that has got the richest and most diverse amount of marine life that you can find on the west coast of the United States.

2. Bellingham, Washington
If you want to see rich marine life on the Pacific side of the United States, then you have got to head over to Bellingham. You will need to come prepared with a lot of experience, especially since the powerful tides of the Pacific can be hard to navigate. But this is one of the places where you can dive to see a Pacific octopus and other gorgeous marine life.

3. Key Largo, Florida
Prepare to see some gorgeous and eerie underwater scenes if you dive in Key Largo. A sunk ship and a washed up dock make up some of the wrecks at the bottom of the various diving spots in Key Largo. And those wrecks have also become habitats for marine life too.

4. Santa Catalina Island, California
There is a lot to see off the coast of Santa Catalina Island. Sunfish, octopuses, leopard and angel sharks, etc. are just some of the exotic and gorgeous animals that you can see on your dive around the beautifully diverse coral reefs of this diving area.

5. Kona Coast, Hawaii
Just 3 miles from Kona Coast is an area where you get to dive into the Black water. This is a diving spot where you can observe bioluminescent creatures in their native habitat. You will be able to enjoy an underwater light show thanks to these animals. Take heed though, the depth of this dive will mean that it is more appropriate for experienced divers.

6. Oahu, Hawaii
Nothing beats going on a vacation to Hawaii. And diving is also true for the island of Oahu too. You will want to go to Oahu Island because the marine life around its coasts is splendid. Plus, there are several underwater shipwrecks that you get to explore while you are scuba diving there too.

7. Barrier islands, North Carolina
For anyone that is looking for a quiet and peaceful beach diving spot, then you have got to head over to the Barrier islands. There are several beach and diving spots that have got a rich aquatic life that you can get up and close